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Welcome to Calhoun County

Close your office window blinds, close your office door, turn down any other sounds and let me take you down to the Southwest Corner of Georgia. Down to Calhoun County about 45 miles from Albany.  Calhoun County is home to the longest running festival in the State of Georgia, it is home to the largest commercial vineyard and award-winning wines and it is home to the City of Edison.  Edison is home to some of the best folks you will ever meet! We are glad to have you!


All About Family

It will be a beautiful drive….scenes of towering pines, grand magnolias, and fields of prime farmland replacing the smog, tall buildings and blacktop of the city.  This is a place where the gnats and fire ants out number our county population by 100 to 1. However, if there is one thing to say about the people in Edison, Ga, we’ve evolved by adopting the persistence of our gnats and the “fire” in our ants when it comes to promoting our county and taking care of our families and children.

Bobby Dews

Hometown of the late Bobby Dews an infielder in Minor League Baseball and a coach in Major League Baseball. Born in the small town of Clinton, Iowa, Bobby Dews moved to rural Edison, Georgia, to live with his grandparents at an early age and graduated from Edison High School (now Calhoun County High School).


65 Mile Yard Sale

Edison resident Richard West was the catalyst for the now popular 65-Mile-High Cotton Yard Sale the High Cotton Yard Sale has grown each year, attracting visitors from 7 states this year.

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